The Aether: Life as a God App Reviews

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Fun ride!

I absolutely enjoyed this game from beginning to finish! I’ve already recommended it to two other people! Addicting!

Not great

I didn’t find this very entertaining or lengthy. It was rather short and not great replay value.


The game doesn’t do a very good job remembering a lot of the choices I had made. For that reason, I can’t recommend this game in its current state.

Possible Bug

Really good game. I believe there is a bug though. I chose to slay the other court gods but they were all alive after the defeat of the Titan. Just wanted to let someone know and I am not sure the correct process for reporting these types of errors.

A must play

I’d agree that the game was slightly short but other than that this game really just envelopes you in a different universe and the goings of it. It’s a game you really can’t stop playing once you start. Makes you feel kind of attached and also some what melancholy at the world we live in now. If you are looking for some insight to our own universe and some feels then this is the universe to play with :)

Bug riddled and no payoff

As a long time player of Choice Games, this one is by far the most buggy. The update fixed nothing and instead created another crash in the game. I've used Choicescript before and these crashes should have easily been caught with automated testing. Docking points heavily for that. The second thing is that ruling a planet has no payoff in this game, it's clearly meant for a sequel hook because your race serves absolutely no purpose but to drain and give you energy. Truly disappointing.

Very enjoyable text based RPG

There was only one thing I didn’t like so I’ll start with that first. I disliked how short it seemed but I also played it fast. Now for the good, I really enjoyed the story and I am hoping for a second one that’s longer and another planet to rule. I couldn’t seem to put this down, every chance I got I was playing. The feeling of creating a race and planet and manipulating their way of existence is more fun I think than killing gods. All-in-all this was well worth the money.

Almost great.

It’s a very cool idea and even has some great moments. The one horrible thing is once this game starts getting interesting it ends. Way too short for a payed game.

Good, but not Great

Rather simple compared to other Choose-your-owns out there, but still an entertaining read. Worth it at it's price.

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